TAG Level 2 Workshop March 29th


Any and everyone who is looking to increase their gymnastics movements through better body awareness/leverage, technique and progression practice. Level 2 registrants must have a handstand kick up on the wall and a kipping pull-up. If they do not, Level 1 is recommended.


Gymnastics is the direct level above Nutrition in our Crossfit Pyramid of Fitness. It is the foundation for all other movements and translates to every aspect of our health and fitness more than most of realize. We believe gymnastics skill and ability is a crucial aspect to any sport performance.

Gymnastics Workshop: Level 2
@ CrossFit Central Burnet Rd.
10:30am – 1:00pm
Limited to 20 People
$75 Per Person

PRE-REQUISITES: must be able to complete kipping pull-ups and kick up to the wall for a handstand push up

Movements Covered

Freestanding Handstand
Wall Running
Handstand Walking
Toes to Bar
Butterfly Pull-ups
Ring Muscle-ups (Transitions, Ring Dips, Ring Kip, Bands)
Bar Muscle-ups


About TAG

TAG stands for Technically Applied Gymnastics. The overall goal is to learn how to move efficiently and effectively through all functional movements, and have fun doing it!
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